We feel that aftercare is massively important when purchasing a guitar. Whether it’s an entry-level piece or something more higher end, the service you receive beyond the actual purchase will not only help with the upkeep of the guitar but also save you money in the long run.

With this in mind, we developed our aftercare policy based on the following divisions:

  • Epiphone – All Epiphone guitars have a standard 5 years of servicing and set-ups
  • Gibson USA – All Gibson’s mainline guitars from Les Paul’s to SG’s, Flying V’s, Firebird’s etc… receive 7 years of servicing and set-ups
  • Gibson Memphis, Gibson Montana and Gibson Custom Shop – All three of these divisions receive lifetime servicing and set-ups. This means, for as long as you own the guitar, you get servicing and set-ups on the house at Sixty Sixty Sounds
  • All of our James Trussart guitars also receive lifetime servicing and set-ups

We are committed to offering a service that goes beyond the purchase of the guitar so that our customers feel they always have a place to come should they have any issues or require any assistance.