The Sixty Sixty Story

Harry Napier May 28th, 2018

Sixty Sixty Sounds opened its doors on Saturday 28th October 2017 to little fanfare but an abundance of free prosecco for the general public! It was a soft launch, but after the rather gruelling two years it took to get the business off the ground there was a pressing need to get the doors open and commence trading…

The idea itself was conceived in a café in Covent Garden all the way back in late 2015. What we discussed that day was creating a store in central London that was different to anything else that was out there, we wanted it to look and feel different, but on top of that we wanted to create a place where there was an emphasis on providing genuine customer experience. We also wanted to couple this with an ecommerce business and thorough branding and marketing strategies. It was something that seemed completely feasible given the backgrounds of the two founders.

Jan Smosarski managed a store on Denmark Street for 5 years prior to embarking on this venture. He dealt closely with Gibson, Marshall and Orange and knew the full product range inside out. For myself, I had spent 12 years in advertising, focusing specifically on digital marketing and helped grow a number of ecommerce businesses. We knew we had the right complimenting skillsets to make it work.

With regards to the name, it exists predominantly because we like it! There is a tenuous link to the fact that both Jan and myself love music from the Sixties, but the reality is it came from nowhere and we went with it…

For us though, the main prerequisite was to get a location on Denmark Street and build everything around the store. We had a couple of meetings with Consolidated Developments and it became apparent quite quickly that we both shared the same vision for the future of the street; we’ll always be grateful to the landlord for providing us with this opportunity. I know I’ve written about this already in my previous post, but the future of Denmark Street is genuinely exciting, watch this space!

Once we had the premises we went about securing the brands. Being able to open a store like ours with Gibson, Orange and Marshall is an honour. These are three of the biggest brands, with the biggest reputations, in the world. We couldn’t have wished for nicer reps to deal with either, everyone of them makes the process as seamless as possible.

One of the other ideas that came about during the set up process was creating a guitar shop that could double up as a live event space. Having a stage and a bar was going to be essential! Since opening we’ve partnered with guys like Sofar Sounds, AirBnb etc.. and have also hosted our own events. We’ve now taken on someone whose sole task it is to organise events for the store, this is something we really want to focus on going forward. For all events info please refer to our ‘Events’ page and get in touch with us through our form on the ‘Contact’ page if you wish to put yourself or your band forward for any upcoming shows.

Check out this video of our first night with Andy Cortes to get a taste of events at Sixty Sixty, big blues all evening!

Jan and myself want this business to grow and flourish. We want to maintain our commitment to delivering customer experience whilst continuing to provide a platform for both up and coming and established artists to share their music. We want to create a hub for the musical community and we want everyone to be involved!