Gibson launched their ‘Made 2 Measure’ scheme in Europe back in 2015 allowing individuals and dealers to completely custom spec their own Gibson guitar. This offered people the opportunity to create something different to the standard Custom Shop models that rolled off the production line. You could be reserved or you could really push the boundaries in what you wanted to conceive.

Since opening we’ve taken advantage of the M2M scheme both for ourselves and for a couple of our customers. We had one customer who’s a massive Paul McCartney fan and he’d managed to track down the original artist who painted McCartney’s famous cardinal red Custom Shop Les Paul, we then had the guitar built to the exact specification of that guitar and, once it arrived, we shipped it to the artist to carry out the final finish.

We had a 1954 Les Paul built which was designed by another customer. This features the P90 and Alnico 5 pickups of the original ’54 and he finished the guitar in ebony VOS with a Bigsby. This guitar was described by the customer as; “the best guitar I’ve ever owned” – he now has two other guitars in production through Made 2 Measure.

Gibson have opened the doors of M2M to also include Memphis and Montana. This means you can now spec your own ES model or your own acoustic. We have a few of our own currently in production so keep an eye out for these in the store when they come in!

Essentially, there is now no limits to what you can create with Gibson. We have a customer who has put a quote in for a custom SJ-200, another customer who has spec’d out a cutaway Hummingbird and a couple of ES-335’s in the pipeline as well.

If you think Made 2 Measure could be for you, why not head down to Sixty Sixty Sounds and discuss your options with one of our staff? Alternatively, drop us a note through our ‘Contact’ page and we’ll get back to you, we would be happy to talk you through the process.