Epiphone Les Paul C Series Texas

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Epiphone’s new Collegiate guitars give fans of the most popular athletic colleges a unique way to have fun while providing financial support for their favorite schools. The new series features graphic designs commemorating 50 of the top basketball and football colleges, ranging from Miami to Washington, Texas to Minnesota, Georgetown to Stanford, UCLA to Connecticut and all points in between. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these guitars will be donated to the respective schools.

“The Collegiate guitars are the ultimate display of school spirit,” said Jim “Epi” Rosenberg, president of Epiphone University. “You can hang them on the wall to show your support, or you can plug in and really make some noise for your team.”

Fans of the University of Texas will have their favorite yell, “Hook ‘Em Horns,” spelled out on the headstock. Tennessee fans get an entire guitar painted in their beloved “Big Orange” color. The familiar Seminole head accompanies the FS logo on the Florida State model. An angry wildcat adorns the headstock of the blue Kentucky guitar. Each model is custom-designed with a school’s colors and logos and is officially licensed by the school.