Epiphone EJ-45 Faded Cherry

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Epiphone Ltd. Ed. 1963 J-45
Epiphone is proud to introduce the Ltd. Ed. 1963 J-45 acoustic guitar, the return of one of Epiphone’s most acclaimed reissue models based on the legendary J-45 round shoulder dreadnought, the driving power behind classics in rock, pop, and country for over 60 years from Hank Williams to The Beatles. Epiphone’s first Ltd. Ed. reissue of the “The Workhorse” J-45 earned it a “Mark of Excellence Award” from Guitar One magazine and the new Epiphone Ltd. Ed. 1963 J-45 once again makes a vintage legend affordable to everybody.

The Workhorse
The original J-45 was first introduced at Gibson’s Kalamazoo factory in the early 30s as a no frills, high quality “big voiced” acoustic guitar, one of the first of its kind. As musical styles changed from jazz to R&B and honky tonk to rock and roll, the J-45 never went out of style. With fans as wide ranging as John Lennon and George Harrison, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Buddy Holly, Skip James, Keith Richards, and Noel Gallagher of Oasis, the J-45 is a must have for the serious acoustic guitar player.

The Ltd. Ed. 1963 J-45 has a vintage styled Rosewood reverse belly bridge and a compensated artificial bone saddle.