Gibson ES-335 ’59 Custom Shop Vintage Natural VOS

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For us, undoutedly our favourite Custom Shop semi. When we first opened, we opened up with a ’59 VOS Memphis made ES-335 in natural. We have always been absolutely bowled over by the quality of Memphis, in fact it was our best selling line in our first year. So it’s with great authority, and some compunction, that we declare this Custom Shop equivalent might actually be better…

Everything about this guitar is, in our eyes, perfect.

The VOS finishing allows for the wood to breathe, sustain and resonate. The neck is girthy but fits into the hand naturally and with great ease. The MHS pickups are gnarly when you want them to be and as docile and smooth when you roll the volume back and want to dig in to a cleaner and more luscious tonal palette.

The natural blend of woods are visually arresting and command the eye. If you want a 335 that’s top drawer, look no further!