Gibson ES-335 MOD Series ’61 Blue Sparkle w/ Bigsby

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The term “mojo” isn’t always easy to define, but somehow, every guitar player knows exactly what it is. The Gibson “Mod Series” pays homage to this universal language amongst guitarist from around the globe.  Each instrument in this unique series has a story to tell, some might say they’ve seen a thing or two.  The formula is simple.  We take an instrument from our iconic Historic lineup and then we poor on the “mojo.”  This 1961 ES-335 “Mod Series” features a Bigsby B-7 Vibrola with “ground down” anchor studs, Grover “Milk Bottle” Rotomatic tuners, “heavy flake” Blue Sparkle finish, and a black headstock stinger for good measure.  It’s up to you to write the rest.

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