Gibson Flying V 1959 VOS Telluride White 2013

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Out of all the store’s visitors, Armand Serra, is by far and away the most world renowned collector. His double installation guitar exp book literally boggles the mind in terms of his guitar collecting prowess. His taste is the most discerning in the industry and any guitar that qualifies to make it into his collection has to, quite frankly, be the very best that there is.

As you may have guessed, the lengthy introduction is to pave the way to the fact that this is one of those just guitars!

This ’59 reissue is one of 25 worldwide offered up by Custom Shop. If you’re looking for a stellar Flying V to transmit and transmute your inner Hendrix or Randy Rhodes, this guitar screams Dolly Dagger. Since its arrival, it has been one of our most frequently commented on and requested to play guitars we’ve had since opening.