Gibson Hummingbird 1967 Natural

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This is, in 10 years of being on Denmark Street, easily the coolest and most pinch-me moment acoustics I’ve ever laid eyes on. Originally the owner was reluctant to sell, however, after a great deal of cogitation he decided to let it go.

Needless to say, this is a store favourite and has generated and garnered an intense amount of interest. As we all know there are 2 types of vintage guitars, collectors and player grade, for me this possesses a little bit of both. It is undeniably road worn however this only adds to the guitar as it really geuinely feels like something that could’ve belonged to Willy Nelson or any other super folk hero ingrained into the musical psyche of musicians worldwide.

It’s beat, it’s bloodied but damn is it cool… It has a period skinny neck, a refret and non original case, other than that it’s all 60s baby!