Gibson Les Paul 1960 Burst Conversion

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This conversion was performed by Uke from Playergrade Vintage.

The fretboard, tuners and binding have been stripped from an original 1961 SG Standard. The idea was essentially to transform the SG into a Custom and the Custom Les Paul into a Standard. This particular guitar was Uke’s personal number one. He has developed a cult following online and an immense reputation for restoring and converting vintage Gibson’s, everything about the guitar in terms of its subsequent transformation is period correct in terms of the lacquer that has been applied, the quality of finishing both in technique and consistency are exactly as performed in the 50s/60s.

From Uke himself:

“The long and short of it is- the body, neck and top are all 1960 Burst, and for whatever reason it was ‘reassigned’ to be an LPC at the factory really late in the process, and they added the third pickup and binding/painted it black etc. The top was stripped in the ‘80s revealing the flame maple cap, and as we all know ALL ‘50s Customs had _solid mahogany one piece bodies_ so this was always a Burst from the very beginning, then factory modified later to be an LPC”