Gibson Les Paul Custom M2M ’56 Goldtop Heavy Aged w/ Bigsby

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Having worked closely with Gibson Custom Shop we can safely say this is one of the most phenomenal guitars we have ever held and played! As per usual, we went for a full True Historic spec and the core inspiration was a 1956 Les Paul Standard.

A few things immediatey stand out from a regular skew upon first viewing – undoubtedy, you will have noticed the addition of a Bigsby and we also elected to slot in a Firebird mini humbucker in the bridge for good measure. The two pick ups combine to give a fierce, bluesy and wild sound. However, the control and sensitivity to touch on all three positions is remarkable.

The neck is a comfortable size, not overbearing but definitely indicative of an early 50’s period LP – with an ultra aged body, weighing 8.8 pounds, this guitar succesfully conspires to look and play like a surviving masterpiece from Gibson’s Golden age!