Gibson Les Paul Custom ’58 Pale Whiskey Aged

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Ladies and gentlemen we present to you, the Pale Whisky! This run was originally curated and created by Chicago Music Exchange. It is lovingly referred to by Gibson Custom Shop as a PSL which stands for Pre-Sold Limited Run. Generally these runs consist of 25-75 guitars worldwide, for a dealer as gargantuan as CME it is quite commonplace for them to take the lionshare and the rest to spill out to the lucky few in Europe.

We were super pleased to bag this piece as for what it is it is underpriced and an undeniable looker.

Gibson perform 3 types of ageing; Ultra, Aged and Lightly Aged – this falls into the latter category so the aggression of ageing dramatically reduces the destruction on the body and generally only consists of crating of the paintwork. What really attracted us to this guitar is the fact that around the bottom part of the body the burst is almost non existent whereas it is heavy set and pronounced by the cutaway and toggle switch.

When buying Custom Shop we always look for guitars that possess some sort of quirky twist so that it is not just your regular run of the mill.