Gibson Les Paul Custom Birdseye ’59 Heritage Cherry

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If you want a Les Paul that would pertain to be exactly like an original showroom piece then look no further. Although Birdseye maple is a rarity it was certainly a real thing back in the day. This particular guitar’s sole purpose in life is to feel, sound and look exactly like a ’59 would have on its first day instore.

It’s full gloss with a 2 piece maple cap, 1 piece maple body, bumblebee capcitors, hide glue and an early deepset ’59 neck profile.

The words resplendent and regal spring to mind when surveying this beauty. It’s impeccably finished and is the classiest out of all our guitars instore. Sound wise there is no compromise as the nitro finish fully allows the wood to breath and resonate. It is also our only heritage cherry achetypal Les Paul in stock.