Gibson Les Paul Custom M2M ’57 Classic White Ultra Heavy Aged

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In eight years of collaborating with Gibson Custom, this has to be the most outrageous specimen of Les Paul we have designed, played and subsequently desired to own. The mojo, tone and feel is simply breathtaking.

So, on to the core construction. We opted for a 1957 all mahogany body, lightweight, sixties neck, a trio of mismatched humbuckers, ebony board and ultra ageing.

We worked closely with Thom Fowle (Head of Gibson Custom) to nail the look of the finish – it was imperative to do so. Ultimately, Randy Rhoads and his famous Les Paul was the yardstick in terms of complexion and the Gibson Custom team have not disappointed! It’s spot on…

A rock mastepiece capable of driftin’ across genres effortlessly.