Gibson Les Paul Custom M2M ’59 Burnt Caramel Ultra Aged w/ Bigsby

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This guitar took well over one year from our very first conversation with Thom Fowle to arrive in store. It stemmed from a picture found online from an original and unidentified burst. The top on it was breathtaking and immediately got our tongues wagging!

The question we posed to Custom Shop was very simple, from this picture alone could they recreate its mojo and sinfully gorgeous aesthetics of the original guitar in question? Thankfully it was a resounding yes!

The only original departure we made from the picture first shown was to add a Bigsby and remove the guard. With every guitar we design we never want it to be an exact replica of the original. In this case, because the ageing in the picture was so outrageously on the money, we asked them to get as close to it as humanly possible.

As with all our bursts on the Made 2 Measure program, it has in its arsenal; custombucker pickups, a standard non beefy non slim neck, the predominate amount of lacquer removed from the neck for a clean play and any area of exposed mahogany has been darkened to similate the dirt and grime that would seep in over years of playing.