Gibson Les Paul Custom M2M ’59 PG#116 Ultra Aged

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This particular guitar was designed by our very own Harry Napier. The fact that he has very little experience in designing guitars is deeply mistifying in this case as it is quite frankly the best one of the bunch!

The goal was to create a guitar that had a sufficiently unique twist to your iconic burst. Upon discovering page 116 of Beauty of the Burst, we identified that there was a slight red patch that had formed near the tone and volume controls. He decided to magnify this feature and make it a centre point of the guitar to devastating effect..

Outside of this distinguising feature a stinger was added (which would usually denote a factory second but subsequently became a hipster guitar must-have), Grover tuners were added in replacement of deluxes and we asked Custom Shop to slightly increase the richness of the red on the back of the guitar to almost create a cherry patina.

The sound on this thing is ballsy and big! The custombuckers on this are fierce… It would not be exaggerating to say that this burst is the living embodiment of that era in a modern guitar. To the naked eye it would be impossible to tell the difference and on many occasion instore it has fooled many who gazed upon it.