Gibson Les Paul Custom M2M ’59 PG#138 VOS

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This is the last of the staff series VOS models to arrive, and as someone that has 10 years experience designing these, it pains me greatly to admit this is a lot better than any I have designed in recent times.

Sam Simmonds personally and deliberately made this piece stand out out of the four staff series guitars that we had built.

Some of the most notable and key features are as follows; both tone controls are coil-tapped, the mid position is out of phase and he also elected to add a period correct Bigsby and Grover tuners. The guitar, although we did not request lightweight mahogany, weighs and feels like a lightweight Les Paul without a Bigsby fitted. Quite how they have achieved this feat flumoxes us to this day.

Sound wise, when the guitar is coil tapped, it is uncanny just how Fender-like the guitar sounds. On the bridge pickup it pulls off an early 50s Tele to absolute aplomb and perfection! Playing wise it is second to none and feels exactly like an original burst should. However, the big defining feature on new M2Ms to me is that vintage sound with a modern play.