Gibson Les Paul Custom M2M ’59 Tobacco Burst Ultra Aged

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In 10 years of designing Custom Shops on Denmark Street it’s a very thin crowd at the top that make it into your mental pantheon of greats! This particular guitar is personally for us, one of the best we have collaborated on Gibson with.

Weighing 7.8lbs, with a dark back finish, hand select top, tobacco burst top (matched to page 130 of Beauty of the Burst) and an ultra aged finish, immediately the November Rain guitar / Joe Perry springs to mind.

Undeniably, this was a source of inspiration however we elected for the double whites to give it a kick and a visually differentiating factor. Because the body is so light, the Custombuckers really bark and growl. They possess a snap which is both immediately apparent whether you a playing clean or overdriven.

The neck is a 60s transition neck so it’s not as slim as a full blown 60s Les Paul but it’s not as beefy as a mid ’59! It truly is effortless to play. The neck tension is negligible and the bends are almost too easy to perform.

If you’re looking for a guitar that fights back this is definitely not the candidate. If you’re looking for a play that is smooth, fast and a sound that embodies all the iconic glory of an original 50s Les Paul, look no further.