Gibson Les Paul Custom M2M ’59 PG#63 Ultra Aged

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This guitar was birthed solely by Danny De La Cruz! His mission statement was to create his all time favourite burst. Upon rifling through the pages of Beauty of the Burst he landed on page 63. As with all guitars from the staff series, the idea was to produce a Les Paul that would always possess a unique and artfully different selling point. Whether subtle or extreme, every guitar had to have one. In this case, it is not particularly visible but on firm inspection, very much there…

As most burst lovers will know, a lemon burst style finish did not exist in 1959 but occured through exposure to UV rays so traditionally this guitar would have been a cherry burst. Danny decided that it would be a touch of brilliance to have the cherry finish underneath the pickguard. Once the guard is removed it unveils the cherry finish in the shape of the guard shadow.

The guitar itself is very light and highly playable. We have not departed from any of the period correct features, this new breed of guitar from Gibson is quite simply the best they’ve ever done. Out of the 4 staff series, this is potentially the most close to an original burst as you can imagine finding!