James Trussart Steel-O-Matic Alligator

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You may have spotted a trend, as with our bamboo Tele and Strat, we also thought it cute to produce a similar feel with these two.

Featuring James’ iconic alligator finish we elected to go for a ’62 neck profile, fully activated tremolo system, five way switching and medium jumbo frets. Inherent to this guitar are just about all imaginable Strat-like tones. Think Mark Knoffla, think Hank Marvin and you will arrive at this here wilder beast.

The guitar itself does have a warmth to it which is quite uncommon to most of its counterparts. That being said, the treble position still has that twang, bite, bark and spark that you would expect. Also, due to the fact that everything is built by hand, some discrepancies do occur. I would personally say that this neck feels slightly larger than your regular ’62 neck profile.

Not to be outdone by its colleagues, it is exceptionally easy to play and offers no fightback whatsoever. If you can’t execute it’s sadly your fingers and not the guitar.