James Trussart Steel-O-Matic Bamboo

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When we were designing the bamboo Tele we thought it would be rather ingenious to match it up with an equally fetching Strat. A his and hers if you will.

Once again, featuring James’ staple ’62 neck profile, standard five way switching, hand-wired Arcane incorporated pick ups and a fully fledged tremolo system, this is a must have for any Strat enthusiast.

The driftwood body is wonderfully rugged and tactile, just that in itself is a visual masterpiece. The rosewood board offers a slightly less piercing Strat-like sound but make no mistake, you can still dial up your SRV and Hendrix tones to your heart’s content.

One can play this guitar with consummate ease but also, if pressed, you can dig that bit deeper and enjoy a real rock machine.