James Trussart SteelCaster Alligator

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The last in our line up of merry men, this is undoubtedly a country machine. Whether finger chicken pickin’ or opting for some country blues this thing can go the distance. That being said, it’s also a very capable workhorse for just about any genre.

Unlike the other Tele we opted for a solid top and a solid back. The weight variation is almost negligible although there is a slight difference in it. You may also have observed the fact that this one is humbucker free, we felt it best to at least honour the traditional format of guitar for at least one of our products! However, both pick ups pack a powerful punch.

As previously referenced, the neck sizes can come up slightly differently. I would also say that this particular neck profile does come up a little larger than expected although we’re definitely not talking baseball bat situation here.

With James’ mandatory supreme comfort of play and unmistakable sound this Tele would be an absolute delight for even the most hard to please Tele aficionados.