Marshall Silver Jubilee Studio Head + 1×12 Cab Design Store Yellow

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Stop dreaming and start living thanks to the 2525H. You no longer have to imagine what it’s like to rock out on a Silver Jubilee®, you can experience it for yourself in this more portable and accessible form. Don’t let the 20W design fool you, this amp still carries the same ferocious overdriven tone it always has, but can now be the crown on top of a small and mighty rig when paired with our matching silver cabinets.

We made the original 2555 Silver Jubilee in the same UK factory when it was first introduced in 1987, now we continue to make the 2555X. The 2525H is crafted in the same workshop, in the same way.

With clean, lead and rhythm sounds, three-band EQ, presence and gain controls, you can effortlessly move between pristine cleans, modern crunch tones and heavier, gritty distortion. You can also activate the rhythm clip when you need a little extra crunch.

Play in a variety of environments from rehearsal to the small venue. Take this one step further and play in your bedroom using the power reduction feature and go from 20W to 5W.

The 2525H’s distinctive valve sound is powered by two ECC83s in the preamp along with an ECC83 phase splitter and two EL34s in the power amp. If you’re after a little extra grit you can engage the pull rhythm clip, just like the original Silver Jubilee.


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